Friday, February 24, 2012

All Things iPad

And so it is... All Things iPad is born! I finally broke down and bought my first Apple product. The iPad2. My first voyage on the sometimes choppy seas of Apple. I bought the iPad2 a few months ago after lots of obsessive research into the different models and subsequent daydreams of playing with this cool, cutting edge product that everyone had to have, and every company in the tablet market attempted to copy. Let's face it; Steve Jobs' iPad and iPad2 are THE number one tablets since they hit the market. And all the others, including the Amazon Kindle, Samsung Tab, Blackberry PlayBook, etc. play second fiddle to them.

Until my break down at P.C. Richards, where I surprised myself and told the salesman (who, by the way, had no knowledge of the iPad; in other words it sold itself to me on reputation and appearance) "I'll take the 64GB Wi-Fi Model without 3G". I came home with that clean white box psyched to play with my new toy.

My initial impression was one of mixed emotions of awe in it's smooth design and frustration with Apples control of it's software and iTunes media and MY media to some extent. I mean, just to get a previously existing movie or song onto the iPad, you must first put it into your iTunes Library on your PC or Mac and then "Synch" it with the iPad. Sometimes you have to convert the format to MP3 or MP4 before this whole process. It's very cumbersome at times. Synching also leads to other problems I'll explore in future posts.

The iPad is a neat product with a great feel to it, and an App for all things in life. But certainly, at the same time, it does not come without it's drawbacks. The iPad jury was out with me for a long time; and I did suffer from buyers guilt for some time after my purchase. I actually bought a new laptop since then. But now that I've gotten used to the iPad it serves it's purpose, which is mostly entertainment (iBooks, iTunes, Games, Apps) and quick information on the go (where a Wi-Fi signal is available).

I'll be writing about the pros and cons of the iPad and Apple products and checking out some of the coolest Apps on the AppStore on my new blog Allthingsmustipad. Hope you like my new blog and hope you interact with your comments. All things must iPad. Peace...

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